CorvisaCloud Introduces Expanded Cloud Contact Center Platform - New Features, Deep Salesforce Integration Drive Business Success

Milwaukee, Wis. – Oct. 29, 2013 – Calling all businesses! Those calls to customer service can make or break your relationship with current and future customers. A new study commissioned by cloud-based contact center provider, CorvisaCloud, confirms a direct correlation between customer service management and a company’s bottom line while offering insight on what components of a customer service program are most important to customer retention and acquisition. And, to ensure that any business can make the most of every interaction with customers, CorvisaCloud introduced a new version of its CorvisaOne™ contact center suite – a complete cloud-based contact center solution that trumps all legacy call or contact center systems.

Customer Service: More Painful than the Dentist
In the survey of more than 1,000 U.S. consumers conducted by Zogby Analytics, CorvisaCloud shows that one in six customers would rather see their dentist than talk with a customer service agent. Why? One in five (20%) consumers say they’re most aggravated about having to repeat the same information to multiple customer service reps on the same call. And nearly a third (31%) of respondents will wait only five minutes before they hang up the phone, meaning that businesses without efficient customer support processes are looking at a considerable number of angry or lost customers.

The Bottom Line: Boom or Bust
Consumers are quick to voice their displeasure. The survey found that after a negative customer service experience one-third (34%) of consumers complain or ask for a manager, further elevating a company’s cost. A bigger concern for the business is that 16 percent of disgruntled consumers tell their friends and family and more than one in 10 (13%) go so far as to say they will never shop with that company again.

Conversely, the moment a customer contacts the company, the opportunity exists to create a solid ongoing relationship. Three in 10 (31%) customers who have a positive experience say they give positive feedback to the company and twenty-nine percent will continue to shop with them, perhaps even more frequently. And, a positive customer service might be the best form of marketing. Fourteen percent of respondents said they sing the praises of the company to friends and family after a positive experience.

So how can businesses ensure that they’re making the most of every interaction with customers? According to Jeff Neyland, CIO of DirectBuy, a franchise-based buying club for home goods and appliances, contact center technology is the perfect place to start.

"We selected CorvisaCloud as the sole Salesforce-integrated contact center provider for DirectBuy corporate and our clubs. Their experience, not only as a software company but in running contact centers themselves, is evident in how they designed their product suite," said Neyland. "The broad feature set of the CorvisaOne™ suite allowed us to eliminate the need to manage multiple different systems and instead focus our energy on delivering a great service experience for our customers."

Cloud Economics & Simplicity - It’s Never Been Easier to Deliver Exceptional Customer Service
Today, CorvisaCloud is introducing a significantly enhanced version of its cloud contact center solution. CorvisaCloud’s product suite securely replaces costly, high-maintenance on-premise legacy contact center systems without business disruption. Some of the features that have been upgraded or added since the product was first acquired by CorvisaCloud in Oct. 2012 include single screen call campaign management, personal agent call back queues, dynamic long-term ‘call nurturing’ plans, the ability to support a multi-tenant structure within a single parent tenant, integrated cloud-based PBX (phone system) functionality and integrated hard phone support.

"The enhancements we’ve made to the CorvisaCloud contact center suite stem from our own search for a better way to streamline call center operations for our Novation sister companies, all of whom rely heavily on contact center functionality," said Matt Lautz, president of CorvisaCloud. "Previously, we struggled to find a single-source provider that could support a multi-tenant environment, provide seamless CRM integration, excellent call quality and full contact center functionality. We’ve worked hard to deliver features and a very simple pricing model that will help companies of all sizes improve efficiency, drive sales and provide better customer service."

Salesforce Integration Throughout the Platform
CorvisaCloud also touts a sophisticated integration with Salesforce CRM to dynamically sync call data to Salesforce contact records and campaigns, decreasing the amount of time spent on transferring key data and reporting on results by as much as 75 percent. Taking it a step further, CorvisaCloud enables managers to define specific follow up calling activities for their agents with the software automatically transferring records based on custom criteria and the ensuing call results – a task that takes most clients hours to perform and can be done on a single screen in 10 minutes or less in the CorvisaCloud software.

As a complement to their contact center suite, CorvisaCloud also provides Salesforce implementation and consulting services as a Salesforce Cloud Alliance Partner. The ability for a single vendor to support a trifecta of critical customer relations needs - Salesforce implementation, contact center software and a tight integration between the systems – has given CorvisaCloud a strong competitive edge and been a key factor in their steady client growth.

About CorvisaCloud
CorvisaCloud delivers the contact center solutions that businesses and customers love. We combine years of operational expertise, powerful new technology, and deep CRM integration to create the ideal communications platform for each business. CorvisaCloud helps companies maximize every lead, call and contact to improve performance, minimize costs and delight customers… and with our passion for customer service, we make getting there an enjoyable experience.