CorvisaCloud Invests in Cloud Workflow Company ManyWho

Milwaukee, Wis. – June 26, 2014 – Cloud-based communications provider, CorvisaCloud, LLC., today announced that it is investing in ManyWho, a San-Francisco-based cloud workflow company that helps businesses build powerful enterprise applications on multiple platforms. CorvisaCloud will also embed ManyWho's workflow technology into its CorvisaOne™ contact center software products and platform, giving organizations an easy-to-use yet sophisticated communications tool that enhances and standardizes customer experiences across the board. is also an investor in ManyWho.

CorvisaCloud's investment in ManyWho comes on the heels of $30 million in funding from Novation Companies, Inc. (OTCQB:NOVC). The funding is earmarked for expanding CorvisaCloud's sales, marketing and operational development efforts. The partnership with ManyWho will allow CorvisaCloud to invest in an innovative technology that complements its platform offering.

"We were looking at other investors but felt CorvisaCloud's leadership, culture and vision were a great match," said Steve Wood, co-founder and CEO of ManyWho. "We're excited to be partnering with CorvisaCloud not only in the investment capacity but also as an integrated partner."

The integration of ManyWho's workflow technology will allow CorvisaCloud to provide dynamic call scripting to its customers to increase flexibility, efficiency and better meet customers' needs. The technology will offer call center agents a more visual and automated approach to engaging with customers, helping organizations to deliver information quickly and efficiently while creating a more personal experience for each customer.

"After looking at similar products, we believe ManyWho's technology is the best in the market in terms of sophistication and ease of use and we see strong growth potential," said CorvisaCloud President Matt Lautz. "We feel their product and vision will further extend the customization capabilities offered by our open platform and also help us to more effectively deliver on specific call scripting features that our customers want."

The ManyWho technology will be embedded directly in the CorvisaOne contact center product suite and development platform and can be used to seamlessly create dynamic call scripts that can be shared across the organization to standardize service techniques. Once built, call center agents will be automatically prompted with questions and workflow models in real time to deliver the appropriate information to customers and achieve maximum productivity.

ManyWho makes it easy for organizations to build workflow applications using drag and drop flow diagrams. The platform enables the use of these workflow applications across mobile, tablet, web, portal and desktop devices. The result is that customers of the ManyWho platform can focus on automating their workflows without worrying about the underlying systems architecture needed to support them.

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