CorvisaCloud Delivers New Level of Contact Center Flexibility with Voice and SMS Platform

Milwaukee, Wis. – April 15, 2014 – Cloud-based contact center software provider, CorvisaCloud, LLC., today announced the release of its hosted voice and SMS platform. By expanding its offering from a product suite, to a product-plus-platform solution, CorvisaCloud gives businesses and developers the freedom and flexibility to build custom applications that address their exact communication needs.

The new offering stems from CorvisaCloud’s belief that one size does not fit all for communications software, an insight gained from working with clients of various sizes and industries who have implemented their contact center product suite. With the introduction of the CorvisaOne™ platform, businesses no longer have to settle for “close enough” with their communication technologies. Instead, they can bring their specific contact center visions to fruition, while extending the longevity of their IT investments.

The CorvisaOne platform allows customers and developers to easily create the exact applications needed for their business or contact center by giving them the ability to build voice and SMS apps from scratch or leverage and customize a la carte components of the CorvisaOne product suite, such as phone extensions, call queues or lead management features. Unlike other market solutions, CorvisaCloud eliminates the need for businesses to buy or manage their own infrastructure by handling all hosting, scaling and backend support on its enterprise-class network. A robust set of developer tools, including Git repositories for easy deployment, built in debugging and test frameworks and open source access to code libraries, expand the platform beyond a basic web services API or SDK. This flexibility grants businesses greater speed to market and ensures that solutions that work today can be easily reconfigured to meet tomorrow’s needs.

"Ventana Research’s benchmark research on contact centers in the cloud found that 44 percent of companies believe adopting systems in the cloud is the future when it comes to building modern infrastructure to manage customer interactions," says Richard Snow, vice president and research director of customer and contact center research at Ventana Research. "The new platform offering from CorvisaCloud addresses this need by simplifying manageability, and providing ease of adaptability for contact center processes in an organization."

"CorvisaCloud has helped us deliver better service to our customers with its IVR product for over two years. We have always been pleased by the reliability and functionality of the company’s software, but the unlimited flexibility that we will gain with the CorvisaOne platform will truly transform our telephony experience," said Larry D. Beck, director, Heartland Billing Solutions, Heartland Payment Systems. "The CorvisaOne platform will allow us to meet the exact needs of each of our clients with minimal effort and no backend maintenance – it’s a game changer.

The new CorvisaOne platform underscores CorvisaCloud’s commitment to extending the enterprise-ready capabilities of their offerings. Key features of the CorvisaOne platform include:

  • Full hosting, scaling and backend support: Provides unprecedented scalability and support for customers by eliminating the need for them to buy or maintain infrastructure or hardware.
  • App creation and product modification options: CorvisaCloud’s Summit environment, based on the standard Lua programming language, allows developers to easily create applications or customize CorvisaCloud’s products to meet current and future business needs.
  • Powerful developer tools: Git code management repositories, built in debugging and test frameworks and access to code libraries, allow developers to make and deploy changes with ease.
  • Enterprise compliance and reliability: Maintains stringent compliance and security standards, including PCI, SOX and HIPAA, so businesses can ensure uptime and security for their critical communications systems.

"Our goal is to offer businesses the ultimate flexibility by meeting 100% of their needs instead of just 80 or 90%. Our new platform-plus-product model allows any customer to have the ideal voice communications solution for their business without worrying about upfront expenditures, ongoing maintenance or scalability," said Matt Lautz, president of CorvisaCloud. "We believe this will bring significant value to enterprises with complex communication needs while letting developers focus on developing great apps instead of managing infrastructure. The opportunities for what can be created are really limitless."

About CorvisaCloud
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