Corvisa Acquires Codebox to Enhance Open Source Tools for Developers

Milwaukee, Wis. – April 9, 2015 – Cloud communications provider, Corvisa LLC, today announced the acquisition of Codebox, a web-based developer IDE (Integrated Development Environment). Corvisa will integrate the Codebox IDE into its Summit Platform to facilitate faster, easier development of real-time communications applications by both businesses and independent developers.

The Summit Platform goes beyond standard APIs and web service calls to serve as a true Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) offering, providing the ultimate flexibility -- code-level access -- for users to customize Corvisa’s suite of contact center and cloud technologies. It also offers a full development ecosystem for developers to build new voice and SMS apps. Additionally, applications built on the Summit Platform are fully hosted, scaled and supported by Corvisa’s carrier-class network.

Summit currently provides an extensive developer toolkit including features like Git deployment, built-in syntax checking, a unit testing framework, pre-deployment app simulator and Sublime Text integration. The addition of the Codebox IDE will expand upon this offering by providing an all-encompassing development UI and easy pair-programming for remote teams while streamlining the ability to develop on Windows, OS X and Linux operating systems.

"We built Summit as a true PaaS solution so that developers could spend less time managing infrastructure and setting up their environments, and more time writing code,” said Corvisa president and CIO Matt Lautz. “The addition of the Codebox IDE eliminates several setup tasks that were previously needed to get started, making it even easier for customers and developers to build real-time communications apps that are reliable, scalable and secure."

As a strong supporter of the open source development community, Corvisa will continue to maintain the CodeBox IDE as an open source project in addition to integrating it with the Summit Platform. Corvisa plans to contribute open source additions to the project and will also be the corporate sponsor.

"I can't think of a better home for Codebox than Corvisa. They not only share our vision for building great developer tools and simplifying development processes, but also embrace open source and understand the core values it represents," said Aaron O'Mullan, co-founder of Codebox. “Thanks to a powerful integration with their Summit Platform and the continued investment in Codebox as an independent service, Codebox will play a key role in helping clients build real-time communication applications. I am very excited about Codebox's future."

About Corvisa
Corvisa provides businesses with a single source for cloud communications solutions. As the only provider of a true product-plus-platform offering, Corvisa combines powerful contact center software, business phone systems and connectivity services with the unmatched flexibility of our Summit development platform. Backed by carrier-class network reliability and a passion for delivering unbeatable support, Corvisa is making cloud communications better.